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Los Angeles Geeky and Kinky Present: NERDGASM! Mid-Week Gaming and Play Party

The kinky pervs at Los Angeles Geeky and Kinky present Nerdgasm, every 3rd Wednesday of the month.
Tl;dr: Board/card games in the big room, kinky play in the little rooms.
Nerdgasm is the ultimate geeky play party. Bring your toy bag, and all of your gaming supplies, because at this party you can do it all. Threshold’s main room will be transformed, as all the dungeon equipment is shoved aside to make room for board games, card games and whatever tabletop games you feel like bringing. The smaller, private rooms will be available for traditional play scenes, or seriously geeky play scenes, or whatever nerdy perversions (within the rules) you can cook up.

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Threshold’s 10 Before 10 Party

If you’re new to the community, this is a great party to dip your toes in and learn a little bit at the same time for a great price!every month at ten pm. There is a short talk on the basics of bdsm(whether it be hard skills(impact, wax, rope…) or soft skills(negotiations, limits, drop…).It will be approximately 30 minutes and takes place in the Purple Room. The demo is INCLUDED in your admission cost! It won’t be an exhaustive class, but a place to start. Feel free to stick around after and ask questions.

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Threshold Academy Presents: Jolted Awake: an exploration on M/s and D/s dynamic

This class will be based on slave Rick’s new book, Jolted Awake: An Unconventional Memoir.
He will refer to the book and together we will explore such topics as how to be obedient to one’s authentic self when the ego feels both doubt and fear; what does it mean to view the world through soul centered eyes rather than ego centered eyes; how can our M/s and D/s relationships foster healing of past wounds; how can our Sm experiences help us become more spiritually awake.

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The Neuroscience of BDSM: How Understanding Brain Chemistry Will Help Your Kink

The brain is a complex organ and the hard drive of our bodies. The pleasure we so happily receive from BDSM is due to brain chemistry, learning how that brain chemistry works and why we obtain that pleasure is a vital part of understanding your kink.

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