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Fire and Ice Cream, Fire Play Class and Play Party

The Fire Play Class and Homemade Gourmet Ice Cream Offering* and the play party, are all included with Standard LA Players’ Club Event Entry, $20 for members and $30 donation for guests and non members when you donate at entry to the class. Class only, $10 donation.

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BDSM 201: Corporal Punishment /Discipline Play With Sir Nik

This class will be all about how to deliver heavy punishment and discipline , how to properly strike with various implements
We will also be going over basic safety on the topic,
As well as incorporating it into a role play scenario or utilizing it within a real 24/7 dynamic.

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Public INSIGHT: Shock and Aww w/ Electricity & SINISTER AFTER PARTY

On the Second Friday of the month, The Lair de Sade will be hosting a series of Insight classes ranging from the basics of canes, crops, paddles, and spanking to the more extreme edge play of Blood (needles, knives, scarification, and more), Singletail-dragontail-dragontounge, Fire to discussion groups about Non-monogamy with in the Kink world and its many styles, pet play, from sensual to primal and everywhere in between. We are going to be working on a curriculum that you in the community, both new and old, can learn and grow from.

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Totally 80’s Fucked Up Prom/Birthday Play Party

Put on your 80’s Best! Better yet, your worst. What better opportunity to live out your Carrie Fantasy. Nerds… get your Revenge! Brats… you better be good. Our most generous Principle, Butch Tanglewood Esquire III, PhD OBGYN (aka BigDaddyBD) will be on hand as Chaperone of the evening. Not only has he so graciously volunteered his time, he has also made himself available in case any one feels they are in need of some special, one on one guidance.

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