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Club Anarchy presents : American Whore Story

Come dressed as one of your favorite characters from any of the 7 seasons of the show. Dress in something fabulous inspired by the show. Or come in your fetishes finest, birthday suits always welcome. Not Everyone knows the True History Behind the Building at 10914 S. La Cienega Blvd. But On September 15th Sanctuary […]

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Gentlemen in Charge: Discussion Panel

Heard about Gentlemen in Charge but not sure what it was about? Curious to attend but not sure how? Really want to go but what the heck is high protocol anyway? Well, we have the answers that you have been looking for! Join House RavynBlood and Mistress Cyan as we discuss Gentlemen in Charge… how […]

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Lions & Tigers & CBT????? Oh My!!

This is going to be a VERY INTERACTIVE class. Please come prepared! If you plan to bring notes be sure to bring a writing utensil as well as paper to write on. For CBT class you can bring your CBT implements and learn how to use them in ways you didn’t think of or how to use them in general. Bring a partner, bring a friend, meet a friend, make a friend!!!

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Embracing Submission: “I DO IT FOR THE JOY IT BRINGS” (Giving and Receiving Service)

Why do we serve? What is it that compels us to be fulfilled by giving of our time, energy, and skill to others?
This class will explore the major role service plays in our lives, from giving and receiving to creating a welcoming space where this special dialogue can flourish, strengthen, and support both the individual and the dynamic relationship.

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Embracing Submission: “HANDLE ME WITH CARE” (Exploring power exchange, labels, and where you fit in)

“Embracing Submission” is an 8-part series exploring the balance, fulfillment, and empowerment that comes from embracing who we are and what we have to offer. This is a great series for community members who are curious about which role(s) they identify with, for bottoms wanting to explore their submissive side, for anyone curious to explore power exchange dynamics, and for Tops and Dominants looking to understand more about what their bottoms and submissives are experiencing.

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Singletails! with Sir Valentino Harrison at Sanctuary LAX

Who’s afraid of single tails? Well mostly bottoms. But why? Come join me for “Single Tails: The Toy Even Your Grandma Can Do a Whole Scene With” . I’ll be discussing some common is conceptions about single tails and their severity.

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Club Anarchy presents : The Purge

It’s that Celebrated Time Again Folks! The Purge is upon us! Mistress Tetra, A Renowned Fetish Philanthropist and Infamous Party “Mistress” has Invited you to her Exclusive Birthday Purge Party. Join us at Sanctuary Studios in the safety of our new State of the Art Security System for Los Angeles’ Greatest Purge Party!

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Pangæa Returns!

Queer cabaret & kinky play party Pangea returns to Sanctuary Studios LAX on Saturday, August 5th! Join us for a night of food, fetish, and fun.
The night begins at 9 pm. Enjoy the beautifully furnished dungeon, grab a drink from the donation bar, and peruse the handmade goods offered by our vendors.

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