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Unleash your desires and submit to the female energy. Take a journey into the heart of female dominance at Threshold’s DommeNation, an evening of play, education and socializing where women are magnificent and always in control. All orientations and genders are welcome (we love diversity at Threshold) but all scenes MUST be female led.

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DommeNation College Presents: There Will Be Blood: “Basic Blood Play.”

ood is the fluid that transports the necessary components to sustain life and we are going to play with it. The very sight of blood causes an instantaneous reaction in people, good or bad blood inspires feelings. It can be used to strengthen bonds, intensify a scene, or just be a fun form of finger painting. In this class we will be discussing safety, prep work, negations, needed equipment, clean up, risks, and the joys of blood play. There will be a live demonstration of blood play not just discussion.

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Miss Cassie Rope Bondage Class

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced rigger, if you are into rope you are welcome!

Miss Cassie teaches a variety of ties and tailors her classes according to the needs of her students. She does teach a lot of bondage basics and a bit about safety, but mostly we just tie and practice all sorts of ties. She often introduces new ties and more advanced ties. Miss Cassie teaches both eastern and western rope bondage techniques. She likes to expand your horizons so you can discover your own personal rope style and inspire your inner rope artist or perhaps just add fuel your kinky perverted desires…

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