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DommeNation College Presents: BDSM, The Law and You: A Legal and Safety Class

So, you’re in the BDSM scene and you want to play safely and legally and you’re wondering how to do that. Join the crowd. Navigating the legalities and your rights can be a daunting task, as the laws just don’t vary from state to state, but from county to county. In the US alone, there are 3,141 counties. Even the most skilled attorney could not possibly know the codes for over 3000 counties, so how can you protect yourself?

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LA Asian Munch

Well, well, well would you look at that? It’s time to get together again and and eat like the crazy animals that we are. Please join us as we discuss our future events and network together to create and maintain this wonderful little community within this kinky community we are hold dearly.

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Threshold’s 10 Before 10 Party

If you’re new to the community, this is a great party to dip your toes in and learn a little bit at the same time for a great price!every month at ten pm. There is a short talk on the basics of bdsm(whether it be hard skills(impact, wax, rope…) or soft skills(negotiations, limits, drop…).It will be approximately 30 minutes and takes place in the Purple Room. The demo is INCLUDED in your admission cost! It won’t be an exhaustive class, but a place to start. Feel free to stick around after and ask questions.

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