Jul 19 2019


All of the day


It’s election day.. Here at LosAngelesKink.Com we don’t care who you vote for president, that’s all on you. But as a kink/sex positive lifestyle person there is no reason for you NOT vote NO on Pop 60. Why? Well lets give you a list of reasons:

• Prop 60 is funded entirely by one man, who has spent $ 4.5 million on the ballot measure.  If passed, Prop. 60 will give this man the power to sue porn stars.

• Prop 60 is opposed by workers, doctors, public health experts, civil rights organizations and dozens of local Democratic and Republican organizations throughout California.

• Prop 60 will cost taxpayers millions of dollars – diverting resources from other workplace safety programs and schools.
• Prop 60 also gives 38 million Californians the ability to sue porn stars/distributors and to make a profit off each lawsuit.

• Prop 60 will weaken workplace safety and violate the privacy of adult film performers, by divulging their legal names and home addresses.
• The money spent on enforcing Prop 60 would be better spent on police instead of creating “condom cops” (LA Times Vote NO Editorial (9/22/16)

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