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434 E Main St #B, Ventura, CA 93001

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Sep 27 2017


07:00 PM - 09:00 PM



Ventura Poly Support/Discussion Group: “Dividing Up Your Time”

“Come join Ventura Kink Hub for a discussion and support group for those interested in or practicing polyamory or other forms of ethical non-monogamy”

The Ventura Poly Support & Discussion Group is a forum , meeting the 4th Wed. of the month, where we can meet and find support from our peers and discuss ethically non-monogamous relationships. Please be aware that this is NOT a dating group. While you may meet someone at an event that could become a playmate, please do not attend if you are coming with the intent of picking someone up.

Bring things to discuss, or join in on what comes up. The discussion is free and open to anyone who is (or considering becoming) ethically non-monogamous. Everyone will be given the chance to participate (or not) to their level of comfort, and we ask that all attendees are non-judgmental and maintain the confidentiality of the group. All ages (18+), identities, and orientations are welcome.

We have a new host for our poly support/discussion group! Birdy from the SoCal Poly Support Group has been co-hosting two monthly poly groups in Los Angeles and is now helping to lead the Ventura group!

If you haven’t – please join the Ventura Kink HUB group here on Fetlife, and the Poly Ventura County group or follow us a Fetlife to receive updates as new events are posted

The SoCal Poly Support Discussion Group will also be cross-posting our poly discussions and is a great resource for poly discussions and support.


Our first hour will be devoted to what you’re dealing with this month. Any hot topics or things you need to get off your chest. We’ll go around the group and offer support and guidance through personal experiences.

Our second hour will be devoted to our monthly topic:


Someone said it best at our first meeting: “Time is not equivalent to the amount that someone loves.” Although true, it’s definitely easier said than done. 🙂

Time can be a tricky thing. There are many factors to consider. Sure, there are 7 days in the week, but how many are spent with live-in partners? And how many of those days/hours are quality time? How much more “quality time” do you have to share with other partners? And, how much “quality time” is left to spend doing the things you love?

Some dynamics do shared calendars and family calendar apps, others do email chains or group texts. There’s a different method to everyone’s “madness.”

So, how do you divide your time? How do you quantify quality vs. quantity and what steps do you take to communicate and apply these qualifiers and scheduling needs between all partners?
Come prepared to share your stories, your experiences, your tips, and any other thoughts on this very important topic.