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11300 Hartland St North Hollywood 91605

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Jan 07 2017


09:00 PM - 02:00 AM




Play Party

Threshold: Taboo – Sado-Masochist Paradise Play Party

This is where your kinky self can be explored in a safer, sane and always consensual environment.

Threshold has a fantastic facility with great equipment and wonderful people to play and hang out with.
Most important…you can moan and scream and spank and no hotel security will come and tell you to stop!!! 😀

This is a Pansexual and Pan-Orientation party.
Which means: Male/Female…Submissive, Dominants, Switches, Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transsexual, Transgender, Masters, Slaves, Cosplayers, Fetishists, Pets etc….
Are all EQUAL under one roof.
You get to be who YOU want to be here.

All we require is that you treat everyone else and our clubhouse with respect.

Taboo is a Threshold members ONLY party.

Threshold members can bring 2 guests per member per party.
Be sure to have your membership card ready and to sign in your guest.
Your guest must produce valid ID and sign a waiver.
Members are also required to orientate their guests with the basic rules.
Your guest is your responsibility.

Not a Member, Become one! Orientation class is held at Threshold and is an hour long and it’s free. The cost of a yearly membership is $25. For more information on membership please see our Everything You Need to Know Membership page. For orientation classes see the Threshold_LA profile page

Party is for Adults 18+

Our Rules are limited for this party but you can find them posted in various areas of the dungeon or ask a Dungeon Monitor when you’re at the party.

Main rules(so everybody can have a good time):

  • Don’t touch anybody, or let anybody touch you without getting their permission first.
  • No means No and telling someone “No” once is enough.
  • Don’t interrupt scenes in progress or talk loudly around people playing… we have a kitchen and lobby/patio for talking and joking.
  • NO solo masturbation outside of a consenting playscene.
  • NO cell phones or texting in the dungeon or kitchen.
  • Phones in the lobby/patio area ONLY…:D
  • No Alcohol Allowed

Vital Information:

  • Please have your Threshold membership card & a valid photo ID ready to show at the door.
  • Admission: $15 for members $20 for guest.
  • Doors Open at 6:30 PM for a pre party class details on [][] calendar and party is over at 2AM
  • Door Closes at Midnight! There will be no admittance after Midnight!
  • All play (including aftercare) must end 15 minutes prior to the parties close, this ensures that our volunteers can clean and lock up on time.
  • Soda and water are available for a 50 cents
  • Threshold offers 7 themed private play rooms as well as our large main room.

Any questions contact the party host or visit [}[] for
more information about the club or how to become a member.

See you there!!