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Lair De Sade


Lair De Sade
6628 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91606

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Sep 09 2017


03:00 PM - 07:00 PM




Play Party

The Hollywood Academy for Wayward Girls and Boys

$15 with a potluck item to share, $20 without

Now that Summer Vacation is over, it’s time to go Back to School for a new year of learning and punishment if you don’t. We are hosting a school role lay scenario September 9th, The Hollywood Academy for Wayward Girls and Boys. Orientation starts promptly at 4 PM and classes begin at 4:30PM and conclude around 7:00. Yes, you must register and attend classes and take tests. If you fail a test you will be disciplined, if you get sent to the principal’s office, you will be spanked, if you skip class, you will be punished, if you act out in class, you will be paddled, well you get the idea.

We are going to recreate a school experience with spanking, and a little BDSM thrown in too. Let’s just say we’re giving new meaning to suspending a student.
The staff will consist of experienced teachers and disciplinarians who are very skilled at dealing with misbehaving girls and boys. The students will have full say in their punishment and prior to each disciplinary session will complete a disciplinary form detailing the number of swats, severity, implement, etc.
After orientation and registration, each student will receive his/her roster and attend four classes and lunch. Sample classes are:

• Science
• Mathematics
• English
• Shop
• Physical Education
• Home Ec

Classes will be fifteen to twenty minutes long. At the end of each class all students will move quietly to their next class with the assistance of our diligent Hall Monitors. Be careful .…you do NOT want to be given a slip for disorderly conduct. All students who receive slips during the school day are sent directly to one of our many prestigious disciplinarians.

Our Back to School parties are consistently our largest attended and because we are doing this differently this year, we need to limit attendance. If you are interested in attending school as a naughty school girl or boy then RSVP here on the Event Page AND send a private message to HollywoodSpanko and let us know that you want to attend as a student and what your limits are on play and spanking. Remember, during the school session you will complete a disciplinary form that details the type of punishment, the implement, the number of swats, male or female disciplinarian, etc. You will have full say over your punishment.

If you are a top and you want to attend and participate in play, then you also need to RSVP here on the Event Page and private message HollywoodSpanko and let us know what your experience is. For the safety of our members, all potential Tops must be vetted by us for this event. We take the safety of our members seriously and will only allow Tops to play during the school sessions that we know, have seen play or have references for their play. The students have full control over their punishments, all Tops participating will be acting as service Tops. This is a structured role play scenario, not an open play party, all are welcome to attend, but Tops cannot just show up and expect to play, you must be approved by us prior to the event. If time permits then there will be open play after classes.

All limits will be respected and this will be a safe, consensual play experience for all who attend, which is why we need to hear from you prior to the party. Simply RSVP’ing for the event will not guarantee that you get to play, only that you get to be a voyeur. Please respect this since our group members are putting in a lot of effort to make this a real school experience for those who want it.

For those of you who are not familiar with us, we are the Hollywood Spanking Plus Party Group, one of the longest running groups on Fetlife and we love to meet and visit with like-minded folks. We’ve been having monthly play parties for seven years now and are pretty experienced at having a good time and teaching new folks what this kink that we are all into is all about. We host these structure role play event four times a year, the rest of the time our monthly play parties are open parties with ice breakers, games, and food. Come out to this delightful adult playground and enjoy the warm welcoming atmosphere. Our parties are predominantly focused on spanking, but we also include other forms of BDSM. Our monthly play parties are held on Saturday afternoons at The Lair, before their Unfettered Party in the evening. We welcome everyone from all walks of life, orientations, and tastes, be it Top, Bottom, Dom, Sub, Switch, or Voyeur.
Come on out for our party, meet new friends, play and practice your skills with us, grab some dinner and then come back for Unfettered at 9 PM.

Lair de Sade 6628 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91606