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Sanctuary Studios LAX
0914 S La Cienega Blvd, Lennox, CA 90304


Sep 27 2017


06:00 PM - 09:00 PM




Are you 50 Shades of Grey curious? Then do not come to this class. If, however, you are a Woman who is curious about how You can harness Your power as a Woman to have more control in Your career, over men and in your life through the erotic art of Female Domination, then this class is for you. Whether you are looking to spice up your sex life, be more in-control professionally, thinking about becoming a Dominatrix, or are a service provider looking to expand your bag of tricks, you will get the psychology and tools you need to get started.

This class in the Female Domination series is – Crops, Canes and Singletails

In this class you will learn:

1. Selection, care and differenent kinds of crops, canes and singletails. The different parts of the implements and how they feel, Warm-up, form and techniques, where to hit and where not to hit, and general safety.

2. Crops: The Crop is perfect tool for the beginner. If you’re just starting out, this is the only whip you’ll need. The Crop is great for everyday, inexpensive to acquire, easy to use, transport and care for. It’s iconic look instantly lets him know You’re in charge. It has endless uses and applications for everything from corporal, nipple torture and CBT to slave training, equestrian and military scenes.

3. Caning: Canes to are easy to acquire and use but deliver an unmistakable sting that will get his attention immediately. It’s classic look and style make it appropriate for many different kinds of scenes from Slave and Obedience Training to School Teacher Scenes. Both traditional and backhanded styles, will be taught.

4. Singletails: The single-tail is one of he most feared and eroticised of all the whips. Just seeing this whip in your hand will bring him instantly to his knees. One strike is often enough to correct the naughtiest male.

The single-tail is also the hardest whip to master. Using Her trademark “Point to what you want to hit” technique, Mistress Tara will have you swinging like a pro in no time, hitting your target accurately on every strike.

Instructor: Tara Indiana

This is a hands on class, you will be caning and whipping. Come dressed comfortably and wearing undergarments or a swimsuit under your street clothes. No free balling or commando.

This class is open to single women, couples, and submissive and respectful single men willing to be practice dummies.

$35 in advance / $45 day of single Women (space permitting)

$45 in advance / $50 day of couples (space permitting)

$60 in advance / $80 day of single men / practice dummies (space permitting)