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Sep 08 2017


08:00 PM - 03:00 AM





Sinister Double Insight Night and Play Party: Back to Basics With Canes Crops and Paddles and Cigar Play

SINISTER DOUBLE INSIGHT NIGHT Back to Basics with Canes Crops and Paddles and Cigar Play!!!

I would like to welcome the community to the Lair’s new SINISTER INSIGHT NIGHT!!! On the Second Friday of the month, The Lair de Sade will be hosting a series of Insight classes ranging from the basics of canes, crops, paddles, and spanking to the more extreme edge play of Blood (needles, knives, scarification, and more), Singletail-dragontail-dragontounge, Fire to discussion groups about Non-monogamy with in the Kink world and its many styles, pet play, from sensual to primal and everywhere in between. We are going to be working on a curriculum that you in the community, both new and old, can learn and grow from. So without further ado:

The Lair de Sade would like to welcome you to join us on Friday, Sept, 8th in Back to Basics with Canes Crops and Paddles and Cigar Play

We will be going over some of the most basic ways of using your toys as well as ways even the most experienced Tops/Doms have never thought about using them. This is a class for all level of players. You will also have the opportunity to show us your skills and allow us to critique and add new dimensions to your style and skill.
This cigar insight will focus on recognizing different kinds of cigars, how to cut cigars (and cutter styles), how to light a cigar and more. Ever wonder what seasoning a cigar means? This class covers everything from the most basic way to smoke to cigar branding.

We will cover the basics of cigar play from both the Dominant/Top and submissive/bottom perspective. How to develop a protocol or ritual for cigar play that fits your style, understanding basic expectations in play, must haves for negotiating a scene, and finally, we will light ’em up!

Bringing cigars for trade or sharing is highly encouraged, but not expected- there will be a limited amount of cigars available for attendees.

We will also have 3 Vendors for this insight: Demonic Toys, Paraphilia Toys, and Rope Daddy Fetish Emporium. Leather Metal and Rattan OH MY!!!

INSIGHT is the place for people from all walks of the lifestyle new and old to come, chat, make connections of any sort and have a great time. It’s the time and place for those who are new or curious about The Lair to come check out the place and maybe get a tour from our seasoned members.

INSIGHTS are also THE time & place to acquire a membership so you can return for the private parties where anything goes…


Regular Insight Schedule:

8:00pm – Doors open to the public for tours, socializing and vending
8:30pm – Introduction to BDSM and the Lifestyle
9:00pm – Back to Basics with Canes Crops and Paddles and Cigar Play
11:30pm – Sinister BDSM After Party hosted by Kasod

Presentation: Back to Basics with Canes Crops and Paddles and Cigar Play

Presenters: CerBerus8, Kasod, MJ

I would like to welcome our presenters for Back to Basics with Canes Crops and Paddles:

SirBerus8 is relatively new to the public community but has absolutely taken it by storm, learning as much as he can quickly. In return he has also started teaching and mentoring through Club Awakening. As an owner and operator of a welding company, SirBerus8 has started his own toy making company called Demonic Toys. Creating Medal hand painted paddles of destruction.

Kasod is the coordinator for the Lair de Sade’s Sinister Insight Night so I guess it is about time that he actually teach a class. He has been part of the Los Angeles Fetish community for over 17 years. For people who have met and know him, his focus in teaching within the community has been mainly in flogging so it’s a wonderful chance for him to show his skill set and knowledge in such a different way with everyone.

MJ has been a member of the BDSM community for 15+ years. Her primary focus is on needle and blood play, as well as non-traditional roles in the BDSM Community. She Mentors and educates about Communication in the BDSM Community. As a Lifestyle Dominant and Leather Woman, she hosts DommeNation, a Female-Identifying Dominant event on the 4th Friday of every month at Threshold Society. She organizes bi-annual Kinky TED talks and owns the LA Cigar Ladies group who meet bi-annually. LA Cigar Ladies is open to all cigar aficionados.