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11300 Hartland St North Hollywood 91605

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Nov 27 2016


07:00 PM - 12:00 PM




Play Party

Shut Up And Tie (or be Tied)

Rope lovers!
Riggers and rope bottoms!
Lend me your ears!

Don’t you wish there were more regularly scheduled rope-centered parties?
Ever wish you didn’t have a playroom time limit for your rope scene?
Ever been at a play party and wish that the people around your rope scene would just shut the fuck up?

Do we have THE party FOR YOU!!


-Rope centered scenes only! (as long as rope bondage is somehow involved in your scene, you’re good)
-No time limits in play rooms! (7 theme rooms to choose from!)
-Multiple hard points available! (Get your suspension on!)
-“No socializing in the main room” rule enforced! (so as to allow uninterrupted sexy rope scenes to happen! Woo hoo!)
-Door closes at 10pm
-Please be careful not to interrupt anyones scene.
-If you have any questions, please write to me SubbiePoppy
-Water, sodas, and snacks provided in the kitchen! (NOMNOMNOM!!)

This Party is a Rental and not hosted by Threshold