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11300 Hartland St North Hollywood 91605


Dec 03 2016


12:00 PM - 04:00 PM




Play Party

MOONBURN, AssN. – The Los Angeles Male Spanking Club

“The Los Angeles Male Spanking Club”

The MOONBURN, AssN. all-male spank parties are held on the first Saturday of every month (regardless of holidays) from 12:00pm – 4:00pm in the afternoon. We do not require that guests arrive by a certain time, and participants are welcome to come-and-go during the duration of the party.

Moonburn parties are held at the Threshold clubhouse on the North Hollywood/Burbank border. The actual address is 11300 Hartland Street, North Hollywood, CA 91605 The entrance to the club is at the rear (south) side of the building, and there is plenty of free parking in the industrial park that is mostly closed on the weekends. Please do pay attention to any posted “no parking” signs.

Party guests must sign a release, show a legal photo ID to prove their age, and donate a $10 cover charge. This donation simply pays for our rent and the cost of refreshments (sodas, water, chips, veggies etc.) that are complimentary. There are no membership fees or annual dues to participate in any Moonburn events. Moonburn is not attempting to show a profit – but simply cover our monthly cost of operation.

We currently have an average of more than 80 men at every party with all kinds of guys in attendance – young, old, in-shape, out-of-shape, gay, straight, bisexual, beginners, experienced, tops, bottoms, etc. Any men who enjoy corporal punishment scenes (spanking, paddling, strapping, flogging, etc.) are welcome, and we do not screen our guests for certain “types”, nor do we restrict guys who want to participate as long as they follow our guidelines and rules.


1. Participants must be male, at least 18 years of age and provide a photo ID to prove it.

2. Moonburn is a spanking party – not a sex party. Overt sexual activity (oral or anal) is not permitted. Masturbation as part of a spanking is allowed.

3. There are no private spaces available at Moonburn events.

4. No alcohol or drugs (including poppers) are permitted at our events.

5. All activities must be safe, sane and consensual. “No” mean NO – and “Stop” means STOP!

6. We expect everyone to treat other guests with respect and courtesy.

We ask that guests do not interrupt on-going scenes unless they are invited to do so by the participants. Watching spankings from a distance is encouraged, but please do not verbally or physically interact with any of the participants as this could disrupt their scene.

Private conversations should not occur in the play spaces, again to prevent disrupting scenes. There is an outdoor patio for smoking and a refreshment room for chatting with friends.

Moonburn parties are basically unstructured. We do not play any “mixer-type party-games” nor attempt to pair-up tops with bottoms. We prefer to leave the pairing process entirely up to the guests who attend each party. Naturally, we cannot guarantee that every guest will get to play with whomever they are attracted to. We do provide nametags that give a first name and a colored dot to indicate that guest’s personal spanking preference:

TOP (Blue) You strictly want to spank guys

BOTTOM (Red) You strictly want to get spanked

SWITCH (Green) You would like to spank or be spanked, depending on the guy

VOYEUR (Yellow) You just want to watch others at play and don’t wish to spank or be spanked at the party

While the colored dots might indicate your initial preference upon arrival, you are certainly welcome to spank or be spanked by whoever agrees to play with you. The preferences are strictly a generalization to help guys connect with others who might be interested.

The concept behind Moonburn is to provide a safe and open environment for men who enjoy corporal punishment to meet other men with similar interests. For those who are inclined, it is a friendly and safe place to actually spank or get spanked. Others use the club as a place to meet guys who share their fantasies and exchange information to arrange private sessions at a later time. Still others simply want to observe the spankings and not participate at all. Attending a meeting does not obligate anyone to spank or get spanked – and if anyone informs you that you must physically participate, or pressures you to play against your will, please report them to the check-in desk.

Also, unlike some other spanking parties, we have no initiation rituals or requirements, and while nudity is allowed, no one is ever compelled to get undressed if they do not want to. The club does have some bondage equipment that you are welcome to use if you into those scenes. For men who are visiting from out of town, we do have a limited supply of equipment (paddles, straps and restraints) that you are welcome to borrow.

Let us know if you have any questions

Feel free to share this information with other men who meet our qualifications and share our interests, however:


Thanks, and we hope that you will join us in the near future.

Contact lamoonburn@aol.com