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0914 S La Cienega Blvd, Lennox, CA 90304

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Sep 06 2017


08:00 PM - 10:00 PM





Embracing Submission: “THE MASOCHISM TANGO” (The Art of Bottoming: From Negotiation & Etiquette to Subspace & Masochism)

Each class topic stands on its own. If your schedule can only fit a few of the classes in, don’t let it discourage you from attending or partaking in the series. Come to the ones you can. Everyone is welcome. πŸ™‚


“Embracing Submission” is an 8-part series exploring the balance, fulfillment, and empowerment that comes from embracing who we are and what we have to offer. This is a great series for community members who are curious about which role(s) they identify with, for bottoms wanting to explore their submissive side, for anyone curious to explore power exchange dynamics, and for Tops and Dominants looking to understand more about what their bottoms and submissives are experiencing.

The 8-part series plays out like a β€œgreatest hits” mixtape/playlist of a personal journey from identifying where you fit in to navigating change, healing, and transformation. Each 2-hour class will dive deep into a selection of topics balancing general and acquired knowledge, personal experience, and group discussion.


There’s a special dialogue that fuels the dance between a Bottom and their Top. From the way the body is presented to how the strike is received to how the experience is processed. Each response fuels the energy exchange directly and indirectly. Although the Top leads the scene, the Bottom plays a huge role in leading and guiding the “dialogue.”

This class will explore the power of the “Bottom,” the building blocks of any scene (etiquette, negotiation, aftermath and aftercare), the many levels of “bottom-space” (sub space) within the Power Exchange Spectrum (ex: for a slave, no safe words, with a service Top), and the discovery of the “Bottom Persona” (i.e. brat, masochist, etc…).

(Playlist Track #3: “The Masochism Tango” by Tom Lehrer)


Each class is $10. No membership required.


This series will meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month between August and November, 2017 from 8pm to 10pm at Sanctuary LAX.

At the end of the series, we will have a BONUS CLASS featuring a panel of Lifestyle and Professional Dominants who began their journey as bottoms, submissives, and slaves. (This bonus class is not included in the full series package).


Bring your lovely self. Bring a friend! These classes are super casual so no need to get all gussied up. We love you just the way you are. The seating is couches and benches, but maybe bring a pillow or cushion just in case! Notes are encouraged! Bring something to write with either analog (pad and pen/cil) or digital (laptop/phone/tablet). Also, bring water in case you get thirsty and maybe a light snack if you think you’ll need it.


First time? Not sure if this class is for you? Hoping for a certain topic to be covered?
All questions regarding “Embracing Submission” can be directed to “Birdy.” πŸ™‚


This group will serve as a place to discuss past or upcoming classes in the Embracing Submission series and thoughts/questions inspired by the series or directly related to your paths within all types of power exchange dynamics and roles within the BDSM Lifestyle.
Group Link: https://fetlife.com/groups/158244/about


Birdy is a lifestyle educator, performance bottom, and proud member of the Los Angeles BDSM Community. She is founder and co-leader of the SoCal Poly Support Group: a monthly support group for poly-minded and poly-curious folks with meetings in both the South Bay and San Fernando Valley Regions.

Under the mentorship and guidance of Mistress Melissa, she has embarked on a transformative journey unraveling the many layers of her true self; embracing the empowering nature of her submission, her masochism, and her slave heart through service, energy exchange, and gratitude. She is a student of life and a proud work in progress.

In her vanilla life she’s a teacher, musician, podcast junkie, and mama to the cutest dog in the world.