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a calendar of BDSM, kink and sex positive events in southern california


Dear Friends,

LosAngelesKink.Com is coming to an end. For over a year I have tirelessly tried to keep up with all the BDSM, Kink and BDSM events happening in Southern California. In September LosAngelesKink.Com turned 1 year old and I’m pretty proud that the site managed to stick around for that long. I recently started a business called Geeky And Kinky  making Enamel Pins for Sex Positive geeks . I spend my days filling orders, creating new designs and vending events. It has not given me a lot of free time to work on this website.
I feel like I’m letting our community down by ending LosAngelesKink, and if there were more hours in the day I would continue to do this. You do need to sleep. Thank you to everyone that has supported LosAngelesKink.Com over the past 15 months I love each and every one of you

If you’re looking for events, there are some other great resources out there:

Los Angeles BDSM – Meet Up Group –

If you are new to BDSM and looking for for classes and parties:
Club Awakening: A Party Designed From Newbies ClubAwakening.Com

BDSM 101A Weekly Class geared toward those interested in, or are new to, the BDSM community.

Thank you everyone that has visited LosAngelesKink.Com. I really have enjoyed being part of your kink journey.